About lists.

The challenge on Pro Blogger’s “31 Days to Build A Better Blog” is to make a list.

Lists are an old columnist trick: When you’ve nothing to write about, make a list.

Lists also are good PR tricks -er, tools – for background materials, because you’re giving people several kernels of information, one of which might interest the reader in learning more about the company. It’s like a fact sheet, only organized without the who’s and where’s.

(Side note: Why do communications professionals insist that every client and brand project needs an organized fact sheet? The core information about your company or brand should already living on an “about us” page on your Web site – and hopefully it gets updated bi-monthly. Journalists and news conduits already are conditioned to look there for most of the “facts” they don’t already know about your company. If your PR team is offering to write a fact sheet for your brand, make sure it has a place to live on your brand’s site, because that’s where it belongs.)

OK, good ideas be darned, here comes my list.

Eight Albums I Have Owned That I Should Be Embarrassed About, But, Whatever, Life’s Too Short.

  • Go West. I had this one in the player the other day, actually. It’s interesting how the ear in your head hears a much different singer than the one on the CD, as when I heard “Call Me” in the car, I couldn’t help but compare the singer’s voice to the American Idol kids. Danny Gokey’s better.
  • Wang Chung, “Mosaic.” As with Go West, can’t bear myself to part with it.
  • Don Johnson, “Heartbeat.” I owned this on cassette. I’m pretty sure I only listened to the one song, and it was more about the challenge of out-singing him in the car – only one of us was on key.
  • Martika, debut album. My friend, Sean, and I dug the song, “Toy Soldiers.” I didn’t know she was in Kids Incorporated until I wikied her a minute ago to find the album name. Again, probably only listened to the one song. Goodness, four bullets in: How much money have I thrown away on CDs like this?
  • Rick Dees, “Hurt Me Baby, Make Me Write Bad Checks.” Christmas gift. Was on my list that year. Uh, also had the follow-up to this one, which wasn’t as good. This would be why my Twitter profile notes that I’m a “radio junkie.”
  • Dan Fogelberg’s Greatest Hits. Which is interesting inasmuch as I was a teenager at the time. Maybe I was in a blue mood and didn’t know it. Not to mention that the line, “Saw an old lover at the grocery store,” just went right over my head.
  • Madonna, “Erotica.” I remember that I bought “True Blue” and the Dan Fogelberg LP on the same day. I think maybe Madonna and I were both going through a phase here.
  • Mickey Mouse Disco. “Watch Out for Goofy.” He’s a disco demolition. Seriously, watch out for him. I think this was my younger brother’s, but somehow found it’s way into my room. I saw Goofy disco dance recently in “An Extremely Goofy Movie,” which was an oddly good feature cartoon.

Lest you think my musical tastes have changed, I really enjoyed Adam Lambert’s take on “Mad World” last night. Is that so wrong?


2 responses to “About lists.

  1. Popped over from problogger. I think I’ve owned all of these at one time, too. To add to your list, I also had the single to Toni Basil’s “OH Micky,” Thriller, and Captain and Teneil (however it’s spelled). Great idea for a list post! Nice easy, fun read, too.

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